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1 -4 hours. High-Powered. Short-Format. Values-Based Training.
Guaranteed Results.
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So, you’re paying for leadership training…

  • Have you ever purchased leadership training?
  • How much did you spend?
  • How effective was it after the first few weeks?
  • Can any of your participants remember what they were taught?
  • Have they put what they were supposed to have learned into real action that is getting real results?
  • What has been the bang-for-the-buck for past leadership training?

Certainly some questions to ponder. So what to do about future leadership training?

Unfortunately, many professionals today are under as much pressure to perform as ever before. And taking one, two, three or more days out of their schedule to learn new skills provides even more immediate pressure on them.

Consequently, participants in daylong or multi-day training can take a while to get their mind off of their day job and focus on what the facilitator is trying to get into their heads.

This warm-up time is often called “the half-day glaze” by facilitators.

The Smartphone-Attention-Span

Video Promo -24After observing multi-day leadership training sessions for years from the rear of the classroom, it was found that when the facilitator would turn his or her back to the audience to write something on the board, many heads would look down to their smartphones on their laps under the table to deal with email, texts, etc.

When this first started, it was called “The Blackberry Prayer.

Consequently, the trainer’s best attempts to get information and meaning into the heads of participants often failed due to the competition for attention from their phones or other personal or professional issues on their minds.

However, one particular workshop provided a hands-on card sorting exercise that engaged people, grabbed and kept their attention, and subsequently became the most memorable learning element of a multi-day session.

The Leadership PowerLab™ Was Born

From the experiences learned in traditional multi-day training, a fast, fun, engaging, eye-opening and life-changing mini-workshop was born to help leaders learn in modern-day “smartphone-attention-span.” See the story here.

Recalibrate Cards - House of Cards TransparentEach Leadership PowerLab™ lasts up to a half-day session. The highly interactive and participatory workshop engages every participant from the very beginning.

The smartphone and devices come out of their hands and a deck of personal values-sorting cards goes into them. What comes next is some of the most powerful training many professionals have ever experienced.

And these experience and lessons can stay with them a lifetime.

The Key to Success – Both Highly Personal and Professional

Signature ShowcaseThrough a highly engineered multi-step personal values sorting exercise, participants of
every stripe engage in a process that will excite their heads, hearts, souls, and guts to open them up on the most personal level to learn more about themselves and others than almost anything else has ever done.

There is no need for a facilitator to get this high-level information into each leader’s head. This is because the PowerLab™ is so personal and focuses on each participant’s favorite subject: themselves.

The training material and concepts fully absorb into each leader’s head through their own personal heart.

This happens:

  • Participation and engagement is guaranteed
  • The playing field is leveled
  • Shy people start talking
  • Dominant people slow down and actually listen
  • Self-awareness skyrockets
  • Empathy is self-taught, therefore self-learned
  • Humility opens hearts and heads to learning
  • People understand their top personal motivators
  • And understand what motivates others
  • They learn how to make followers love them
  • Some will cry. Others rejoice. Everyone wins
  • Whoever pays for this will see results long-term!

Everyone walks out of a Leadership PowerLab™ with the blueprint for success and can immediately use it to significantly increase their level of personal leadership effectiveness.

Every participant will know and understand how to quickly and significantly raise their level of personal leadership effectiveness. This is guaranteed. Or your money back!

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The Magic of PowerLabs™

So what’s so special about Leadership PowerLabs™?

It’s simple. Participants quickly and willingly have their heads, hearts, and eyes opened to naturally conclude the exact steps to take to become significantly more influential.

And it’s a beautifully magical thing.

  • A personal values-sorting/prioritization exercise captures and holds attention
  • Everyone reduces 54 values cards down to reveal their top values
  • Participants get deeply involved with their favorite subject: themselves
  • Participants immediately get engaged with the content and experience
  • The entire focus of the workshop is to enable participants to self-teach
  • Distractions are eliminated; Interactivity is guaranteed; Everyone connects
  •  Everyone leaves with a Signature Showcase™ to display their Top 6 Values

Imagine the feeling…

For Participants

Recalibrate Cards - House of Cards TransparentImagine the feelings of walking into a training session and not really knowing what’s about to take place. You’ve certainly been to training before and probably have some sense of what to expect, but you’ve never heard of a “PowerLab” before.

And soon after you’re seated, you find that you have to put down your smartphone or device and pick up a deck of values cards to sort and prioritize your top personal values. And you’re doing this front of other people (that you may or may not know.) A feeling of nervous anticipation begins to grab your attention.

Early on, you know something is different and intriguing.

Then in the next moments, you are totally focused because you are extremely interested in the topic at hand: you and what’s the most important things to you. You latch on to the training and never let go. You stay engage, highly interactive, amazed, and surprised.

The real magic happens when you understand your top motivators (your top values), the top motivators of others, and how changing your approach to leadership with a values-based formula convinces you to change your behaviors from potential apathy toward others into empathy toward how best to reach your common goals.

And in the end, you have a brand new set of eyes in which to view values-based leadership that reaches the organization’s bottom line. This new approach to leadership can be life changing for leaders and their followers.

It’s almost magic.

For Facilitators

Workshop Top 6 ValuesImagine the feeling of knowing that you are about to take a classroom of participants through a journey like they have never been through before.

That although you have no idea what is presently on their mind, or what might be causing a distraction for them when you begin your course, that you will shortly have their undivided attention. You will be able to gain their trust and will be able to keep their attention for the duration of the workshop.

You will feel in total control of what’s about to happen. No matter who they are, what’s on their minds, or what training experiences they have in the past, they will follow your lead and stay totally engaged.

This workshop is a winner for everyone involved.

From the perspective of each participant, each of them will feel like you are having a one-on-one conversation with them. Except rather than doing this with one person at a time, you will be doing this simultaneously with everyone in attendance because the content speaks directly to them as a person.

You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you will be changing lives and helping people learn, grow, and develop other leaders in a very short period of time. Getting participants engaged, interactive, emotionally invested, and self-motivated to change in such a short period of time is like a magic wand in your hand.

It really works very quickly!

And if you are combining this Leadership PowerLabs™ personal values-sorting/prioritization exercise with your existing content, then you will still keep their attention, keep engagement levels high, and open up their entire being to retaining the PowerLabs™ training and your existing content well after they leave your session.

Guaranteed Results

Signature ShowcaseWhen each participant sorts, prioritizes, and eventually reduces their 54 values cards down to their Top 6 in the exclusive way that is only done in the Leadership PowerLabs™, they have gone through a very emotional experience that often changes people deeply.

The extremely powerful process has them take off their “leadership blinders” and replaces them with “leadership super-goggles.”

They decide to take the necessary steps to see things differently because it simply makes perfect sense to do do.

This helps them turn any apathy into empathy. And the results of this reaches the bottom line.

When each person receives their personalized Signature Showcase™ to display their top values, the have a sense of victory, pride, and accomplishment that rarely happens in such a short period of time.

This values-based leadership training works with any other training materials and any other professional assessments that you may be using.

And because the simplicity of this very powerful short-format training sinks in so quickly, so efficiently, and so deeply, participants know the exact steps to take to raise their level of personal leadership effectiveness.


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Leadership Lunch & Learn

Leadership Lunch & Learn
The Most Powerful Leadership Training You Can Get in 30-60 minutes

Leadership Lunch and Learn LogoLeaders come in all shapes and sizes. They come with a variety of experiences and wisdom. They have different levels of skills and abilities. They have different levels of successes and failures. Different leaders come to their roles with their own place on the motivational spectrum.

Although they are different, all leaders share this:

The ability to learn, grow, and develop other leaders.

But not all leader dedicate themselves to trying to become better at their principal role: leading people.

More often than not, managers and leaders can become task, project, or results-focused leaving little time for personal development.

Who has the time?

And when opportunities for leadership training comes, it often can carve out too much of the leader’s time. This leaves them preoccupied by checking email and texts throughout the day (or days) of training. In the minds of busy leaders, the training can simply be another obstacle keeping them from their goals.

The trade-off between being away from work and learning leadership skills can often be seen as “not worth it.”

Pack a Powerful Lunch

The Leadership Lunch & Learn from certified Recalibrate Signature Trainers™ solve the problem of getting awesome training for leaders and doing it a very short period.

Recalibrate_Cards_Spiral_Leadership_on_whiteIn a 30-60+ minute session, every participant in the Leadership Lunch & Learn training program will be leaving this single session with one of the most powerful, eye-opening, and transformational leadership insights they have ever received.

And every participant leaves with a plan that has every detail they need to become much more influential the moment they step back into the office.

Powerful and Engaging

The Leadership Lunch & Learn session is powerful and engaging with every participant because everyone has to sort through a deck of high-quality values cards to determine their top six personal values. They can’t help but be engaged because the topic at hand is their very favorite subject: themselves.

Flexible with Your Content and Schedule

With a personal values sorting/prioritization exercise at hand, this Leadership Lunch & Learn is ideally suited to be coupled with any other messaging that needs to be included. People will always pay attention when the subject is themselves. So this rare opportunity of an open-minded, ready-to-learn condition will allow your additional content to be consumed, absorbed, and digested easily.

Perhaps even more than their lunch.

And the content is structured to be flexible so that it can be done as quickly as 15 minutes, up to any length you need.

This is guaranteed. Or your money back!

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If no Recalibrate Signature Trainer™ is in your area, ask about how you can do the training yourself. We’ll train you at no cost.

Contact us to schedule or answer any questions here

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Certified Training

Become a Recalibrate Certified Signature Trainer

The certification training is very powerful, yet easy and simple to absorb and digest. So we are providing on-demand webinar certificate training to makes it simple and easy to become certified. This makes it convenient to fit your busy schedule.

Participating in the 65-minute online training will allow you to offer your clients and participants an extremely powerful short-format tool to significantly increase their level of personal leadership effectiveness.

You will be trained on how to facilitate a Leadership PowerLab™ or a Leadership Lunch and Learn and how to easily sell them to past, present, and potential clients.

High-Energy Short-Format Training fit for the Smartphone-Attention-Span

Register below for Free Certificate Training

Action Steps

  1. Register below to become a Recalibrate Certified Signature Trainer™
  2. Follow the steps on the Welcome Page to access password to training page
  3. Follow steps on training Signature Trainer™ Portal page

Recalibrate Certified Signature Trainers™ receive:

  • Leadership PowerLabs™ PowerPoint Presentation
  • Leadership PowerLabs™ Facilitator Training Script
  • Webinar Notes
  • Participant Handouts (pdf)
  • Signature Showcase™ nameplate template
  • Written Recalibrate Values Sorting Exercise instructions
  • PowerLabs™ Portal for collaboration for tips and tricks, sharing ideas
  • Custom logo decks with your company’s brand (purchase of 500 kits)
  • Free phone consultation

The webinar training covers these topics:

  • Facilitator Coaching – 30%
  • PowerPoint PowerLabs™ Exercise (The “how”) – 40%
  • Concepts and Psychology – 15%
  • Sales & Marketing – 10%
  • Other Uses – 5%

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About Recalibrate Professional Development
Values-Based Leadership

Recalibrate Professional Development was started by Tom Schulte in Atlanta, GA in 2007 with the mission to create powerfully more effective leaders with memorable content that is guaranteed to stick.

Tom began his journey in the leadership development space when he went to work for Dr. John C. Maxwell in 2003. He was brought in as Director of Corporate Sales to help develop and implement the marketing and sales strategy for the “Developing The Leader Within You” 2-day leadership development corporate training workshop and the associated Train-the-Trainer program for the F-1000 market.

Tom’s passion for the topic of leadership happened immediately. He says that he was “bitten by the leadership bug” and knew that the topic and passion for helping leaders increase their levels of personal leadership effectiveness would remain in his heart forever.

He left the organization in 2007 to follow his passion of helping change the way professional leaders engage with their followers at the heart level to impact bottom-line organizational results. He felt that if professionals could just “recalibrate” their viewpoints and behaviors, that they could get better results through better working relationships.

He also knew that the future marketplace would need offerings different from the past. Offerings that could be easily digested and work alongside the rapid pace of change in shorter, more flexible durations.

Recalibrate Professional Development was born.

We provide Leadership PowerLabs™ for the entire spectrum of leaders. From new managers, through mid-level, and on up to the C-suite, our short-format values-based leadership training produces leaders who people want to follow.

We provide short-format workshops “fit for the smartphone-attention-span” that are fast, fun, engaging, and extremely powerful for everyone involved. Our workshops, or PowerLabs™, immediately grab every participant’s attention and and doesn’t let go.

The basis for the training is a personal values-sorting exercise that each participant goes through in a series of highly calculated steps. From this personally captivating approach, leaders learn what drives them as individuals and how to learn what drives the people they lead to get much better results from their team.

|  Values drive Decisions  |

|  Decisions drive Behaviors  |

Behaviors drive Results  |

Every leader will know and understand the exact steps to take to immediately improve their personal leadership effectiveness. Leaders will know the exact steps to take to lead their team by using and keeping their followers’ strongest motivators in mind.

At Recalibrate Professional Development, we turn apathy into empathy in the most powerful way that often is one of the most memorable experiences and “aha-moments” that many professionals have had in their entire career.

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Recalibrate Professional Development | Atlanta, GA USA | 770-490-5289

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