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So, you’re paying for leadership training…

  • Have you ever purchased leadership training?
  • How much did you spend?
  • How effective was it after the first few weeks?
  • Can any of your participants remember what they were taught?
  • Have they put what they were supposed to have learned into real action that is getting real results?
  • What has been the bang-for-the-buck for past leadership training

Certainly some questions to ponder. So what to do about future leadership training?

Unfortunately, many professionals today are under as much pressure to perform as ever before. And taking one, two, three or more days out of their schedule to learn new skills provides even more immediate pressure on them.

Consequently, participants in daylong or multi-day training can take a while to get their mind off of their day job and focus on what the facilitator is trying to get into their heads.

This warm-up time is often called “the half-day glaze” by facilitators.

The Smartphone-Attention-Span

Video Promo -24After observing multi-day leadership training sessions for years from the rear of the classroom, it was found that when the facilitator would turn his or her back to the audience to write something on the board, many heads would look down to their smartphones on their laps under the table to deal with email, texts, etc.

When this first started, it was called “The Blackberry Prayer.”

Consequently, the trainer’s best attempts to get information and meaning into the heads of participants often failed due to the competition for attention from their phones or other personal or professional issues on their minds.

However, one particular workshop provided a hands-on card sorting exercise that engaged people, grabbed and kept their attention, and subsequently became the most memorable learning element of a multi-day session.

The Leadership PowerLab Was Born

From the experiences learned in traditional multi-day training, a fast, fun, engaging, eye-opening and life-changing mini-workshop was born to help leaders learn in modern day “smartphone-attention-span.”

Recalibrate Cards - House of Cards TransparentEach Leadership PowerLabs last up to a half-day session. The highly interactive and participatory workshop engages every participant from the very beginning.

The smartphone and devices come out of their hands and a deck of personal values-sorting cards goes into them. What comes next is some of the most powerful training many professionals have ever experienced.

And these experience and lessons can stay with them a lifetime.

The Key to Success – Both Highly Personal and Professional

Signature ShowcaseThrough a highly engineered multi-step personal values sorting exercise, participants of
every stripe engage in a process that will excite their heads, hearts, souls, and guts to open them up on the most personal level to learn more about themselves and others than almost anything else has ever done.

There is no need for a facilitator to get this high-level information into each leader’s head. This is because the PowerLab is so personal and focuses on each participant’s favorite subject: themselves.

The training material and concepts fully absorb into each leader’s┬áhead through their own personal heart.

This happens:

  • Participation and engagement is guaranteed
  • The playing field is leveled
  • Shy people start talking
  • Dominant people slow down and actually listen
  • Self-awareness skyrockets
  • Empathy is self-taught, therefore self-learned
  • Humility opens hearts and heads to learning
  • People understand their top personal motivators
  • And understand what motivates others
  • They learn how to make followers love them
  • Some will cry. Others rejoice. Everyone wins
  • Whoever pays for this will see results long-term!

Everyone walks out of a Leadership Powerlab with the blueprint for success and can immediately use it to significantly increase their level of personal leadership effectiveness.

This is guaranteed. Or your money back!

$300 per person. Minimum 10 attendees.  Travel and/or lodging extra.

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