Pricing Schedule – Recalibration Kits™

Each Recalibration Kit™ comes with a deck of Recalibrate Values Cards and a Signature Showcase™. Each shipment also has enough perforated paper stock to print the number of nameplates you will need based on your order size.

To inquire about having a Recalibrate Certified Signature Trainer™ come to you for a Leadership PowerLab™, Leadership Lunch & Learn, or for a consulting or speaking engagement, contact us here. Or give us a call at (770) 490-5289.

Recalibration Kits Pricing Schedule

Most orders shipped in two days or less. And most shipping is FREE!
Custom logo decks available at 40% off. 500 deck minimum order.
Contact us for details.

By purchasing, you agree to the Terms of Use below.

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Important Terms of Use

Just like any professional assessment tool, Recalibration Kits™ are part of a professional training program designed to assists trainers, facilitators, and presenters in their practice to ignite, engage, and increase participation.

These are sold on a licensing basis where the participants use and keep the Recalibrate Values Cards and the Signature Showcase™ as part of their personal/professional development.

They are a consumable training tool and are not to be reused for repeated instructional purposes.

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