Free Certified Training

Become a Recalibrate Certified Signature Trainer

LIMITED TIME: No Charge for first year (Save $300 until May 31st)

The certification training is very powerful, yet easy and simple to absorb and digest. So we are providing the training in an online webinar that is available either live or recorded to make it easy for your schedule. Participating in the 55-minute webinar training will allow you to offer your clients and participants an extremely powerful short-format tool to significantly increase their level of personal leadership effectiveness.

The webinar training covers these topics:

  • Facilitator Coaching – 30%
  • PowerPoint PowerLabs™ Exercise (The “how”) – 40%
  • Concepts and Psychology – 15%
  • Sales & Marketing – 10%
  • Other Uses – 5%

High-Energy Short-Format Training fit for the Smartphone-Attention-Span

Recalibrate Certified Signature Trainers™ will receive:

  • Certificate Training
  • Leadership PowerLabs™ PowerPoint Presentation
  • Participant Handouts (pdf)
  • Signature Showcase™ nameplate template
  • Written Recalibrate Values Sorting Exercise instructions
  • PowerLabs™ Portal for collaboration for tips and tricks, sharing ideas
  • Volume discounts for Recalibration Kits™
  • Custom logo decks at 40% discount (purchase of 500 kits)
  • Free shipping on most orders
  • Free phone consultation
  • A limited-time $70 off coupon for first purchase of 12 or more Recalibration Kits™ (cards and vinyl showcases)

Register Here for Free Certificate Training

Attend the training webinar live. Mon-Friday 11 am Pacific/2 pm Eastern. Click to Register (FREE until May 31, 2017)