The Magic of PowerLabs™

So what’s so special about Leadership PowerLabs™?

It’s simple. Participants quickly and willingly have their heads, hearts, and eyes opened to naturally conclude the exact steps to take to become significantly more influential.

And it’s a beautifully magical thing.

  • A personal values-sorting/prioritization exercise captures and holds attention
  • Everyone reduces 54 values cards down to reveal their top values
  • Participants get deeply involved with their favorite subject: themselves
  • Participants immediately get engaged with the content and experience
  • The entire focus of the workshop is to enable participants to self-teach
  • Distractions are eliminated; Interactivity is guaranteed; Everyone connects
  •  Everyone leaves with a Signature Showcase™ to display their Top 6 Values

Imagine the feeling…

For Participants

Recalibrate Cards - House of Cards TransparentImagine the feelings of walking into a training session and not really knowing what’s about to take place. You’ve certainly been to training before and probably have some sense of what to expect, but you’ve never heard of a “PowerLab” before.

And soon after you’re seated, you find that you have to put down your smartphone or device and pick up a deck of values cards to sort and prioritize your top personal values. And you’re doing this front of other people (that you may or may not know.) A feeling of nervous anticipation begins to grab your attention.

Early on, you know something is different and intriguing.

Then in the next moments, you are totally focused because you are extremely interested in the topic at hand: you and what’s the most important things to you. You latch on to the training and never let go. You stay engage, highly interactive, amazed, and surprised.

The real magic happens when you understand your top motivators (your top values), the top motivators of others, and how changing your approach to leadership with a values-based formula convinces you to change your behaviors from potential apathy toward others into empathy toward how best to reach your common goals.

And in the end, you have a brand new set of eyes in which to view values-based leadership that reaches the organization’s bottom line. This new approach to leadership can be life changing for leaders and their followers.

It’s almost magic.

For Facilitators

Workshop Top 6 ValuesImagine the feeling of knowing that you are about to take a classroom of participants through a journey like they have never been through before.

That although you have no idea what is presently on their mind, or what might be causing a distraction for them when you begin your course, that you will shortly have their undivided attention. You will be able to gain their trust and will be able to keep their attention for the duration of the workshop.

You will feel in total control of what’s about to happen. No matter who they are, what’s on their minds, or what training experiences they have in the past, they will follow your lead and stay totally engaged.

This workshop is a winner for everyone involved.

From the perspective of each participant, each of them will feel like you are having a one-on-one conversation with them. Except rather than doing this with one person at a time, you will be doing this simultaneously with everyone in attendance because the content speaks directly to them as a person.

You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you will be changing lives and helping people learn, grow, and develop other leaders in a very short period of time. Getting participants engaged, interactive, emotionally invested, and self-motivated to change in such a short period of time is like a magic wand in your hand.

It really works very quickly!

And if you are combining this Leadership PowerLabs™ personal values-sorting/prioritization exercise with your existing content, then you will still keep their attention, keep engagement levels high, and open up their entire being to retaining the PowerLabs™ training and your existing content well after they leave your session.

Guaranteed Results

Signature ShowcaseWhen each participant sorts, prioritizes, and eventually reduces their 54 values cards down to their Top 6 in the exclusive way that is only done in the Leadership PowerLabs™, they have gone through a very emotional experience that often changes people deeply.

The extremely powerful process has them take off their “leadership blinders” and replaces them with “leadership super-goggles.”

They decide to take the necessary steps to see things differently because it simply makes perfect sense to do do.

This helps them turn any apathy into empathy. And the results of this reaches the bottom line.

When each person receives their personalized Signature Showcase™ to display their top values, the have a sense of victory, pride, and accomplishment that rarely happens in such a short period of time.

This values-based leadership training works with any other training materials and any other professional assessments that you may be using.

And because the simplicity of this very powerful short-format training sinks in so quickly, so efficiently, and so deeply, participants know the exact steps to take to raise their level of personal leadership effectiveness.


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