Leadership Lunch & Learn

Leadership Lunch & Learn
The Most Powerful Leadership Training You Can Get in 30-60 minutes

Leadership Lunch and Learn LogoLeaders come in all shapes and sizes. They come with a variety of experiences and wisdom. They have different levels of skills and abilities. They have different levels of successes and failures. Different leaders come to their roles with their own place on the motivational spectrum.

Although they are different, all leaders share this:

The ability to learn, grow, and develop other leaders.

But not all leader dedicate themselves to trying to become better at their principal role: leading people.

More often than not, managers and leaders can become task, project, or results-focused leaving little time for personal development.

Who has the time?

And when opportunities for leadership training comes, it often can carve out too much of the leader’s time. This leaves them preoccupied by checking email and texts throughout the day (or days) of training. In the minds of busy leaders, the training can simply be another obstacle keeping them from their goals.

The trade-off between being away from work and learning leadership skills can often be seen as “not worth it.”

Pack a Powerful Lunch

The Leadership Lunch & Learn from certified Recalibrate Signature Trainers™ solve the problem of getting awesome training for leaders and doing it a very short period.

Recalibrate_Cards_Spiral_Leadership_on_whiteIn a 30-60+ minute session, every participant in the Leadership Lunch & Learn training program will be leaving this single session with one of the most powerful, eye-opening, and transformational leadership insights they have ever received.

And every participant leaves with a plan that has every detail they need to become much more influential the moment they step back into the office.

Powerful and Engaging

The Leadership Lunch & Learn session is powerful and engaging with every participant because everyone has to sort through a deck of high-quality values cards to determine their top six personal values. They can’t help but be engaged because the topic at hand is their very favorite subject: themselves.

Flexible with Your Content and Schedule

With a personal values sorting/prioritization exercise at hand, this Leadership Lunch & Learn is ideally suited to be coupled with any other messaging that needs to be included. People will always pay attention when the subject is themselves. So this rare opportunity of an open-minded, ready-to-learn condition will allow your additional content to be consumed, absorbed, and digested easily.

Perhaps even more than their lunch.

And the content is structured to be flexible so that it can be done as quickly as 15 minutes, up to any length you need.

This is guaranteed. Or your money back!

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If no Recalibrate Signature Trainer™ is in your area, ask about how you can do the training yourself. We’ll train you at no cost.

Contact us to schedule or answer any questions here

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