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Values-Based Leadership

Recalibrate Professional Development started in Atlanta, GA in 2007 with the mission to create powerfully more effective leaders with memorable content that is guaranteed to stick.

We provide Leadership PowerLabs for the entire spectrum of leaders. From new managers, through mid-level, and on up to the C-suite, our short-format values-based leadership training produces leaders who people want to follow.

We provide short-format workshops “fit for the smartphone-attention-span” that are fast, fun, engaging, and extremely powerful for everyone involved. Our workshops, or PowerLabs, immediately grab every participant’s attention and and doesn’t let go.

The basis for the training is a personal values-sorting exercise that each participant goes through in a series of highly calculated steps. From this personally captivating approach, leaders learn what drives them as individuals and how to learn what drives the people they lead to get much better results from their team.

| Values drive Decisions |

| Decisions drive Behaviors |

| Behaviors drive Results |

Every leader will know and understand the exact steps to take to immediately improve their personal leadership effectiveness. Leaders will know the exact steps to take to lead their team by using and keeping their followers’ strongest motivators in mind.

At Recalibrate Professional Development, we turn apathy to empathy in the most powerful way that often is one of the most memorable experiences and “aha-moments” that many professionals have had in their entire career.

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